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Why extend the term of the TVARS 7th director?

I share Dennis’ concerns below. If anyone can think of another reason why TVA would want to extend the term of the 7th TVARS director with the particular rule change described below, please let me know.
From: Dennis To []
Sent: Monday, April 16, 2018 2:12 AM
To: Dennis To
Subject: Why the need for interim 7th director?
At the tvars Board mtng on Oct 30, 2017, Wilson Taylor (TVA-appointed director) made a motion which was then approved by 4-to-2 majority vote.  This motion allowed Allen Stokes to stay on (for one year) as interim director until the 7th director is selected by the tvars board.  Did Wilson make such a motion in the best interest of retirees?  Of course, not. That motion was clearly intended to serve some purpose of TVA.  The big question is, what is it for?
There is a very serious implication behind this move.  For the entire history of tvars existence, I believe this is the first time ever that somehow there is a sudden need for an interim 7th dire…
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Retiree Election Proposal for 7th Director Defeated Again; Selection Process Begins

A motion was made in the March 29, 2018 TVARS Board meeting to fill the upcoming 7th director term through a retiree election.  The motion was defeated 3-3.  Sam, Jim and I voted YES.  Directors Stokes, Wilson and Taylor voted NO.
A second motion was then made to begin the process of seeking candidates for the 7th director.  This motion passed 4-2.  Director Taylor joined the three of us in voting YES.  Directors Stokes and Wilson voted NO.
The Board is working on a letter to be mailed soon to all retirees seeking nominations for the November 1, 2018 through October 31, 2021 term.  Interviews will then be conducted and the three elected and three appointed directors will make the selection.
I strongly encourage all interested retirees to apply.

7th Director Election - Mr. Burleson Responds

Mr. Burleson,

Thank you for your response to our proposal.

Please reconsider supporting retiree voting for the 7th director before the window on this opportunity closes. Four months have passed since we first informed you of our proposal and asked for your support. Time is now running short. If we let this opportunity pass, retirees will never again get another opportunity like it. The retiree 7th director’s next term begins November 1, 2018. Ideally, the board should begin planning for the election at this Thursday’s TVARS Board meeting in order for a retiree elected 7th director to be in place at that time.

Since we informed you of our proposed accountability improvement plan in November, we have received positive feedback from several TVARA officers and many TVA retirees. We recently attended a TVARA event where support was strongly expressed for our plan, especially retiree voting for the 7th director. It is very clear to us that retirees want the opportunity to elect the retiree …

7th Director Election

DeWitt Burleson, TVARA Valley Wide President TVARA Board Directors TVARA Chapter Officers
Dear Mr. Burleson, Directors, and Chapter Officers,
I am very grateful for the support many of you have expressed for Sam’s, Jim’s and my proposed TVARS 2018 Accountability Improvement Plan (AIP). The cornerstone of this plan is to have the 7th director elected by the entire retiree population later this year. Now there are zero directors elected by the retirees. If we act quickly, we can get one this year. I believe we can all agree this has wide support among retirees. Some have suggested additional improvements, but I ask that we focus now on getting this one huge improvement accomplished. This is something very easy to implement in a timely fashion. All we need is one more vote on the TVARS Board. I am sure the current 7th director, retiree Allen Stokes, would vote for this if the TVARA leadership united together and clearly communicated to him the wide support for it among retirees.
Thank you ver…

Oral Arguments in the TVARS Case

To access the Court audio of the January 31, 2018 oral arguments in the TVARS case, click here and enter Case Number 17-5389. Then Submit Query.

The lawyer for TVARS argued alongside TVA against employees and retirees. Unfortunately, the three elected TVARS Board members constitute a minority of the TVARS Board. This is yet another example of why we need to improve the accountability of TVARS to its members. We recently proposed an Accountability Improvement Plan (AIP) which includes election of the retiree board member by retirees, reducing conflicts of interest of the retiree board member, and open TVARS meetings. See our proposal here.

TVA Tightens Grip on TVARS Prior to Court Hearing

The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has scheduled to hear oral arguments regarding the TVARS case on January 31, 2018. See notice here. TVA has recently further tightened its grip on TVARS:
On October 30, 2017, the three TVA-appointed and the one lame duck elected board directors extended the term of retiree director Allen Stokes for up to a year past the expiration of his current term which ends on October 31, 2018. See meeting transcript here.On November 6, 2017, the three TVA-appointed and the one retiree board directors boycott a meeting to discuss and vote on a proposed amendment to provide for the election of the retiree director by retirees.On December 4, 2017, with a majority of the TVARS Board controlled by the three TVA-appointed and the retiree directors, the TVARS Board chose two TVA-appointed directors to assume the positions of Chairman and Vice-Chairman. This is the first time I can remember a TVA-appointed director holding the position of Chairman. …